Small But Mighty – Our Visit to CBE

We started the day early and made our way to CBE (College Bautista Emmanuel) which is the school run by IBE. It is around the corner from the church.

We met with Adolfo, the vice principal, and he shared our activities for the day: painting a mural in the kindergarten area (drawn by an international artist David Mejia), helping out in an English class and visiting IBE to celebrate the International Day of Women. We split up and started our day.

Painting was an amazing experience (as the photos illustrate). The artist made it very easy for us by putting dots of paint colour onto the drawing so we knew which colours to use and where. We were thrilled to hear that tomorrow we’ll be able to finish the piece and sign our names to it. Painting is such a calming activity and it was nice to have a low-key, reflective morning.

The English class was interesting. The Grade 8 boys were learning about countable and non-countable nouns. Once again we were thrilled to help, AFTER the teacher explained to us what that meant. Haha! It’s not something we’re taught in the Ontario curriculum, so coming to El Salvador to learn something new about the English language was great.

The team that went to the church enjoyed the ceremony, including a “courageous”, emotional and honest speech from one of the peacemakers, scriptures, prayers and some dancing — which Sifa and Alison nailed! All the girls were given roses to end the ceremony.

All this before 11:30 am. Fabulous day!

We walked through the neighbourhood to Pollo Campero for lunch. Highlight was going over a pedestrian foot bridge (see photos)… I think we can safely say we “overcame” our fear of heights. Also of note — there is so so much dust. I think I understood in theory how dirty things were, but to walk through it… it was quite something.

We arrived back at Centro Gabriel at 2pm and spent the afternoon organizing humanitarian supplies.

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