La paz y amistad

Sunday March 10, 2019
Today was a day filled with peace and friendship. Our day started out at Igesia Bautisa Emmanuel for a very welcoming church service and communion. Just as I was last year, I was very moved by the strong hope and faith that was flowing through the church, my heart was filled. I found meeting with the peace makers from Collegio Bautista Emmanuel very humbling and really gave me a deeper understanding of El Salvadorian people and culture, making me feel like I am more apart of the this new culture and community. One thing that especially made me feel really apart of the church community was when one of the head leaders of the peace group gave me her membership pin for the peace group. I told her it was ok, but she insisted and then I was welcomed into the students peace group, my heart was so full with gratitude, happiness and love, that I couldn’t put it into words. For this day and the experiences it brought I am thankful, filled with joy, and humbled.
Thank you:)

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