CBE Day 2 – Field Trip to the National Theatre

March 12 2019

Fulfilled from our day in the community yesterday we started the day by meeting with the school’s Principal, Vladimir, and he shared today activities:

– Field trip to the National Theatre with a class to see a play from a local playwright
– Helping out in the kindergarten classrooms
– And of course, more painting!

We split into three groups and started our day in the community.

I was at the theatre with Sifa and Jean Brown. Here is a recap of our morning of arts and culture with the school community.

Melina (English teacher we met yesterday) was with us the whole time, which we were grateful for. She helped share what was happening and acted as our interpreter.

We’ve been seeing these decked out charter buses all week in our travels – and today we got to ride in one. They are DONE UP, including luggage racks, TVs and a door at the back (like city buses). For some reason they also have brake lights inside (still trying to figure that one out). Of interest, the bus drivers have relationships with street vendors so they allow them on to the bus to sell to the kids. Could you imagine that back in Canada?!

The National Theatre is in the downtown area – across from the Oscar Romero crypt. The downtown area has recently changed to pedestrian and bike only. A very welcome change. Melina pointed out some neat features including separated, contra-flow bike lanes, and what I can only call rumble strips for blind people.

The National theatre is gorgeous (and air conditioned)! There are three main theatres in El Salvador – the National Theatre, the President’s Theatre and the
Diploma Theatre.

There were two schools at the theatre today – College Bautista Emmanuel (CBE) and the school across the street from CBE, Colegio Bautista (not confusing at all).

The play we saw was based on a book by an El Salvadorian writer, Salvador Salazar Arrue. The book is called Cuentos de Barro. It’s a book of stories/tales for kids based on farm life customs. We saw a number of these tales acted out: La Botija about a lazy man, La Honra (about sexual abuse and a family’s reaction), Hasta Elchaco (about the love of father for a son he thought was his but found out he was not) and a circus tale, which was quite funny and included audience participation.

The show was so well done – funny and endearing. A special thanks to Melina and Aldolfo for giving us more insight on the stories after the play.

Tracy Nickleford

For photos of our time with CBE school community, visit the Trip Galleries on this site.

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